Internet Search Scavenger Hunt


Task 1:
Please complete the poll everywhere question by clicking the link.
Favorite Ice Cream

Task 2:
Create at least three graphs using the data from our Poll Everywhere.
-moving the chart around on the page
-changing the graph colors
-exploring the layout and design tabs in excel for your graphs.

Use the Word tutorial below if you have forgotten how to complete part of the assignment.

Task 3:
Once you have finished, double click on the wall below. I will be creating a poll for your teacher's to answer. I would like to know what questions you would like for me to ask your teacher's. Try to think of questions that would make good graphs.
For example, How many different states and countries have you lived in? Would make a good question.

Task 4:

If you finish early, you may create your own survey. Ask me for a scratch sheet of paper. Think of what you want to ask your classmates. Then, poll 10 classmates. Create your own table and graph in excel!